Jul 4

July 4, 2016

Happy Birthday America

240 years ago a group of like minded men gathered in Philadelphia. Their desire was to declare Independence from Britain. They accomplished that, their actions birthed the greatest nation in the world. I wish you all a safe and happy Fourth of July. Happy Birthday America.

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Jun 30

June 30, 2016

Bridge to nowhere will stand as a symbol of failure

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will soon be accepting bids for completion of a $2.2 million project to replace a seldom-used bridge carrying Conestoga Creek Road across the Conestoga River. The bridge is on a milelong stretch between two major roads: Weaver Valley (Route 897) and Weaverland. The project has been called the “bridge to nowhere,” and township officials say they have no choice but to go through with construction or they will owe the federal government about $400,000. Read…

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Jun 19

June 19, 2016

Lancaster PrideFest

I had an interesting day. I understand not everyone will appreciate my attendance today at Lancaster PrideFest, I went not to condone a lifestyle, but to stand alongside a community who is treated differently, and who are easy to discriminate against. These men and women are 100% American citizens and we are Constitutionally bound to protect the rights of all Americans.

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Jun 9

June 9, 2016

Pequea Valley School District Board of Directors

Tonight I am at the monthly meeting of the Pequea Valley School District Board of Directors. The are discussing the probability of increasing the millage rate for the residents of the district. Residents will see an increase of over $100 on the tax bills in the fall. Whose fault is this? Don’t blame the members of the board. They are working with limitations imposed on them by our State Legislature. They are the ones who can’t seem to find a…

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